• Elevate your mind
    and reconnect with your true self
    so you can create healthy meaningful relationships.

    Dive consciously into your subconscious.

  • It only takes two steps

    The perfect combination


    Subconscious mind

    Removing limiting beliefs and blocks so you are free of the past experience. Most of our "programming" took place in our childhood. It is time for an upgrade, don't you think? Rapid Transformational Therapy is a great solution! In RTT we use hypnosis where you are suggestible and therefore ready for new exciting beliefs that will rapidly improve your life!


    Conscious mind

    Once you have new positive beliefs it's time to move forward in your life and make it the way you desire. Knowledge and tools for everyday life gained in mentoring sessions will make it easy for you. You will be able to work with your mind and emotions on conscious level.

  • Dear clients, I am currently taking time off

    to gather more knowledge and improve my expertise so I can guide you even more effectively.

    I will be back soon with super exciting news!
    London, UK
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    Clinical Hypnotherapist, energy & mind mentor

    "If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can't, you're right."

    Mary Kay Ash


    Choose to believe that you can and I will help you create the path to your desires.


    I am passionate about self-development and I love to share my knowledge with others. I fell in love with RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) when I had chance to experience it's power so I got trained at this technique. I addressed many issues in my life and I understood that I desire to help others. Soon enough after becoming hypnotherapist I have realised that not only myself but also my clients solved the problems from past but did not know how to move forward. So I studied further to deepen my knowledge and now I can also offer mentoring sessions to make the experience even more transforming.


    Allow me to take you on a journey to self-discovery, reconnecting with your intuition, defeating limiting beliefs and stepping into your power. All that is waiting for you to make the first step towards your dreams.

  • How can I help you?

    I use hypnotherapy for work on subconscious level to free you from past traumas. Then I support you on conscious level with mentoring sessions where you will get the knowledge you need to move on.

    Transformational Hypnotherapy

    2hrs session, follow up and personalised recording

    In hypnosis we will find the root of problem. Then we break the connection with old limiting beliefs and give you some incredible suggestions of your choice to create new powerful beliefs that will improve your life. The session is bespoke and so is the recording that I will create just for you. You will listen to the recording for 21 days consecutively to make sure that the change is permanent. The session is not suitable for you if you have epilepsy or mental disorder. 
    Book Key Chat with me for more info. :)


    1hr session

    In these sessions you will understand how your mind works and how to work with your emotions. You will get a knowledge, tips and tools you can use in your everyday life and step by step create the life you desire. Just by improving your emotional intelligence your relationships will improve significantly, including the one you have with yourself. All sessions are personalised just for you and you will be supported along the way. Sessions may include hypnosis with suggestions or visualisation. 
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  • What my clients say?

    Read about their experience from Transformational Hypnotherapy sessions! :)

    Anna, UK

    I was not able to speak in front of the camera. I froze and forget words, I felt scared and uncomfortable. I don’t feel scared anymore, no discomfort in front of the camera - I did numerous live broadcasts after the session and I felt excited, not scared. Amazing results, hard to believe!

    Anis, Tunisia

    It was affecting my confidence and feeling not supported by others and physically feeling bad pressure on my forehead and unable to focus.

    Would like to thank my therapist she was so patient because the session took a long time and she makes me feel so comfortable and she helped me to feel much better.

    Venus, UK

    I loved the structure of the session and how calming Klára is and how she puts you at ease and makes you feel really comfortable. She is really professional and goes above and beyond to give you all the information you need and help you solve any issues.

    Begoña, UK

    Klara has a very personal approach and since the first minute, I felt really comfortable and open with her. Her voice is super sweet and peaceful that made me feel really calm and ready for the hypnosis. She guided me through a memorable experience, we found memories that help me to understand some personal limiting beliefs that I was carrying for a really long time, that was holding me back in some areas of my life. After the session she provides a recording that you have to listen to for 21 days, I felt that I was rewiring my mind in the process. I am still listening to the recording to keep me motivated and focus on the future I am building where I am capable of achieving everything I want.

    Barbora, UK

    I wasn’t confident enough when I was dancing in front of people. I usually freeze or I have black outs with remembering a choreography. With Klara’s amazing therapy this is not problem anymore. This therapy made me realise that my past was effecting my present which I found very depressing. We removed this barrier and I can finally enjoy every minute dancing in front of people or even camera. I just see how my career is going rapidly up. It change my life so much that I will ever be able to forget this amazing experience. And also can’t wait to work on my other barriers.